Title artifacts in Lost (tv series)

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but just as the word LOST comes fully into focus , there seems to be a black gap at certain areas on the seams where the faces of the letters join the sides. It’s most noticeable on the S.

Just an observation really. I notice it every time and I wonder why they left it like that. Maybe watching on the TV you don’t notice it so easily, but on the PC it’s rather obvious.

If you don’t have an episode handy, just ‘grab one’ for scientific purposes eh :wink:

Sublimal Messaging is it ? I can’t admit to to watching more that 10 secs of any episode.

Hey , I have noticed that too in the TV and in the PC (satelite card) , i wonder why they left it like that

Bad design.

I’ve seen on broadcast (SD) and on the DVDs. It drives me crazy.

I’ve seen that too. It’s in every single episode therefore I came to the conclusion it is done on purpose - whatever purpose that might be. It is very obvious, the titledesigner would’ve never overseen that.

I heard that the director/producer is a CG buff and did the title animation himself. I dont know if its true though.