Title Intro Animation - work in progress

Hi everyone,
I’m working on making a title screen intro future videos. My first draft is here:

I used depth of field and particles and gravity for the moving lights.

I slept on it for a while and made this revision:

I removed the depth of field and used some motion blur instead. I also adjusted the moving pieces and removed their gravity. I also broke the symmetry with some camera movement. I also used a curve modifier on a plane at the end along with some particle halos for a little explosion.

I’m trying to elevate this to the next level and am looking for some criticisms and suggestions. What do you think?

Thanks for watching,

Change your colors and lighting, they are what is letting this down.
Make this mode lively and more appealing to the eye. At the moment this looks like it was done back in the day where visual effects were not as good as they are today.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I think it would help me if you were a bit more specific. What do you recommend in terms of changing lights and colors? Do you have any recommendations as to what would make this more pleasing to the eye?
Thanks again,

Not exactly sure about your lights or colors. i just know that the status quo isnt the best.
I would just play around and see what looks better. Research some references. How do other people make their titles? Reference is an important part of creating these things. Look up color theory and lighting rigs maybe that will help. But again i think it would be better if you looked at some sample intro titles.