Title & motion design for "Hilda", a documentary short film

Well, it’s a sort of digital cross-stitch work.
Titles, maps, credits and so. Here they are, hope you enjoy

And also i’ve made some motion over the great illustrations made by Carolina Romano


Great job. The map parts look terrific.

Steve S

Your work is amazing! How did you do the stitching effect?

I love this. Very interesting effects!!!

Steve S: thanks! It took me a while to design this maps!

waynechurcher: there are two different effects. The main “hilda” is the most time consumming, it’s made of curves that grow. All them are made in inkscape, then imported and tweaked into blender to get a less “automatic” look. The second (patterns, roses, some letters) are meshes, mapped with the designs and subvivided, revealed by shrinkwrap modifiers. That’s it!

tc2466: Thanks! :wink: