:) - title of the image

My first Blender 2.41 render.
2d graphics by Sodipodi and Gimp.

awesome. simply awesome. (you used textures/particles right?)


I`ve done this using GIMP (Free 2d image manipulation program.) :slight_smile:

Whats been done in Gimp & what been dome in Blender?

I cant distinguish the model part from the rest of the image. :smiley:

Great Job!!

This looks very good, despite its simplicity.

I’m thinking the textures were made with the GIMPressionist plugin (I see something resembling the “can of worms” effect) with either an alpha map against a black World color (in Blender, that is) or just the black is present on the images themselves.

By the way, the topic “:)” doesn’t say much about the image. You might want to change it to something more meaningful in order to get more view and/or comments.

Ok, here is my Blender output:

You`re right!



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Gee, well now I get it! %| :stuck_out_tongue:
Take my advice for the next render, then.