Title sequence from ABC's Lost

I hope that I wasn’t the first person to notice it, but the title sequence of the first season of ABC’s Lost is CG and there are clear artifacts when the letters come into focus. So…I decided to make my own lost intro without artifacts.

Here is a screenshot of the artifacts. There is the crazy blackness on the S’s edge:

At first I thought that it could have been a way for the show creators to sneak in codes or hints about the show, but then I just realized it was shoddy craftsmanship. So, here is how their intro looks:


Ande here is the one I made:


I really would have loved to have purple’s DoF node working, but I just composited it together in the node editor. It isn’t the best in the world, but it rivals the poo ABC paid for. Anyway, go Blender! I really should go to bed. I have to be up in three and a half hours. Grrrrrr.

I guess they figured that people with SDTV won’t notice. haha.

I’ve definitely noticed that before… even on an SDTV - not only that but you can see clear jagged faces on very round parts like the O. I was shocked too - my only guess is that someone felt like using a crappy 3D plugin for aftereffects instead of the real deal, because it was faster. After the million-dollar-per-episode budget you’d think they could afford a Houdini ($20k+ software) artist…

I don’t believe they really expected the show to be a hit- new shows come and go all the time. Now that they’re one of the most popular shows out there, they’ve got a much better CG budget (have you seen the previews??) I never really noticed those artifacts before- probably because I knew nothing about CG until I found Blender, which came after the season ended.

I thought that the artifacts were only visible during the first series - I believe they got rid of them in the second. Or am I mistaken - was that screenshot from the second series?

The Lost Pilot was the most expensive TV episode ever, so it’s definitely done on purpose. Probably part of the whole “Lost Experience”.

If missing faces and inverted normals is what makes the ‘most expensive TV episode’, I am George Lucas.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know what the later seasons’ intros look like. I have only seen the first season. Late bloomer, I guess. I am really getting into it, and I would have gone crazy if I didn’t have the DVDs to watch the next episode. I am almost done with the first season…don’t tell me what happens.

I noticed the artifacts too

I noticed this but thought it was intentional to make it look worn or dirty… kinda like a once pristine airplane that’d been sitting in a jungle for a while. Didn’t give it another thought till now. The spots are so small it’s hard to say. The compressed video doesn’t show it well either. I’m not convinced just yet.

On the other hand, flinging alpha through the aether is a worthy blender project. Good job.

Can I have your autograph?


i think the intro was made with blender or like rhino … and they fixed it later in the season because i believe they realized they were making 2341453 million dollars from an idea that was put together in 3 months.

i am fairly certain it was done on porpose. if we can see that the letters are pretty low-poly, how would small artifacts like that come about? flipped normals wouldn’t look like that, and an intersecting mesh would produce moving artifacts most likely, and there would be more than just some on the edges.

the letters get darker towards the edges from the texture applied, it seems more practical to have it dirtied on purpose. i dont think any 3d artist would miss something like that and not fix it anyways, even on a low budget TV show.

think these are nurbs-tesselation-gaps… i know this from maya…

not to be annoying but the CG in lost is not all that amazing, c’mon the polar bear didnt look real in the slightest.

but thats what i think, maby other people see it other ways!

Bah all 3d graphics including title in LOST are a total crap, they should learn from BSG guys

I noticed the artifacts too when I watched. What do you think caused it?

Also you can see the individual faces if you look close enough.

everybody look closely tonight, 9 oclock. NEW LOST!!! I am psyched…

I made a few improvements and rerendered in HD. It should be - at least as far as Blender is concerned. 1080P all the way!


I would really like to get my hands on Purple’s DoF node…Maybe he will read this and release it. Hmmm…Enjoy!

Those types of errors are rendering error. Atleast, I get the same errors with YafRay sometimes. I think someone said it had to do with Quads being converted into Tri’s.