Tito my pink Kitten

I was thinking about this cute kitten for a while :o.
So there is the render:
-100000 stat parts
-5 min to render
C&C are welcome.

Looks like its … fur… is made from pink colored metal needles. Might want to work on that fur…

Cute, but like eradicor said, work on the fur, it looks a bit odd. although the rest is fabulous. Nice scene and lighting.

Why doesn’t this one have many replies? I think it really shows a great deal effort that you put into this. The cloth, bowl, the spill, the scene all look great.

But the cat… the cat does not look good at all. The eyes for one are a unnatural and yellowy looking. They seem to also have little tiny bugs crawling around in them? The eyes are what everyone looks at first when seeing art, so it is the biggest let down.
I would make the kitten look fluffier. At the moment it looks like one of those cheap teddy bears that look kinda nice but when you touch them they are hard inside, just below the fur. So make the strands longer and more varied in length. Also perhaps change the colour to a whiteish brown. Because pink is a very unnatural colour as well, so that doesn’t help much. Also the ears have some funky stringy infection or something by the look of it. They should be smooth with a light coating of fur.

You choose a difficult topic. Not many have the guts to try fluffy animals. So congrats on that! Keep it up! You’ll get there soon.

3 stars

Also the little bubbles on the milk seem to be floating above the milk itself.

for 5 min rendertime it’s great. could be animated:)

I like everything except ears and eyes…

GREAT cat !!!
the ears are like woods…and…the eyes are like jelly but it still a great :slight_smile:

Looking good. I agree with what redbyte says.
To improve the fur you need to consider two things.
The lightning plays an integral role when doing fur since bad lightning can ruin the whole thing. Maybe add a rimlight to highlight the silhoutte.
The second is you need to let the hair strains fade out in the alpha channel. Use a blend texture to let the fur fade out and maybe even change the color along the strand. You might also experiment with ramp shading for the strands. This will make it fluffier.

The eyes ears and floating bubbles in the spill i don’t like, the rest i think is fabulous.

Over all I think the render quality is great. But the biggest oddity is the milk, as stated. The tiny bubbles on milk look like little, transparent pearls a top of it. But other than that I think it’s pretty qute little render.

And I want a pink kitty.

Or should I have used that other word… :cool:

Great work! very cute.

I love this image. This cat is adorable. 5 stars.

I do have some crits for improving the realism, but for a stylized image I think this is perfect as is. Ray-traced light would improve those blurry shadows (I’m assuming Shadow Buffer was used although now that I look at it I may just be getting confused by an intentional blurring effect -if that’s the case maybe either increasing or decreasing the blur would make it either more obvious or less blurred respectively). I also agree about the milk bubbles -I would recommend getting rid of those and maybe just adding a controlled displacement modifier to selected parts of the mesh. That seems like it would give more realistic bubbles if you use like a Stucci texture for the displacement.
Hope those ideas help, but like I said, this cat is adorable already.

Aww, so cute. Very nice, but you need to somehow make the fur more ‘fluffy’ or smooth, or make it curve back rather than stick straight up.


Ditto on what everyone said: ears, eyes, fur, bubbles on the milk. Thought I’ll add something, that the teeth are pretty razor sharp; not sure whether you’re looking for a semi-sinister look with it. :expressionless: