TK-RemiX a game with blender

Hi Everyone
Im making a game called TK-RemiX the graphics are made with blender
and the programming with python and pygame :slight_smile: Ive made The graphics
and have a small team two active of them that is :slight_smile:

game info

TK-RemiX is a 2d iso shooter, where youre goal is to take weapons,
ammo and fight all the enemy on the map. you get score when you
kill the enemy and after you complete the map you can buy and
sell weapons ammo etc…

link to the wiki

what do you think about my game project? I also recently won a gfxs contest, about making a graphics for a 2d iso rpg game. you can see some of the graphics in here

well the graphics look nice in my opinion but i don’t see any playable version or anything of the sort yet… so kinda hard to tell if it would be a nice game and all. But so far the concept looks nice

I see, thank you.