Hey all!
Ive decided to recreate my old 2d game project with bge. TKRemiX stands for tapan kaikki, a remade ver of the good old 2d topdown shooter(video of it and

Gameplay: You collect weapons and ammo, shoot everyone and make points, later you could buy stuff from the shop. A singleplayer campaign and a multiplayer(most likely 2 players on one screen). This will also be a game template(it will use the logic bricks(until i get time to learn more python). The top img shows how the game will look. It will be isometric shooter.

Ive just started so nothing interesting to show. :slight_smile:

Need help?

someone told me you were a nice guy and you deserve it :slight_smile:

The game looks a lot like Hotline Miami.

Good luck with your remake of it.

Blueprint, ill tell you when i need help. :slight_smile:
Linkxgl, didnt know there were such a game and thx.

Looks pretty fun, can’t wait to play the blender version.

Some progress: Ive started to retopo the main char = Rambo :), heres the head. Now to try The F2 script.

Now rambo is done, heres some images of him.
Man character = Rambo(774faces) I guess im gonna have to optimize him even more since its gonna be some small characters on screen.

Ooooh a bit reminiscent of Fallout 1 & 2 and the Crusader games. Nice.

Nice work, and keep it up!!

I can code logic, and some python, let me know if you need anything.

I have been recruiting python help, so Wrectified is stalled for the moment (not too long)

The main character is walking now.

Very smooth:)