TLK Lioness (update 27/09, page 3)

Modeling a lion king style lioness here, i want to use the cartoon shader on it, and rig/animate it later.

To get the proportions right i used images from Sarafina ( ). Started off as Nala, but used different pictures for head side/front and body views so it is a mixture of them.

lol thats cute,

but mabye make the snout (that how u spell it?) shorter kinda looks like a dog from the side,

keep going, its gonna look real nice

isn’t the leg a bit too thicker?
beside: good, i can say this look like Nala so you model is good

The head is looking nice, especially from the front view.

However, the joints on those front legs are bent in the wrong direction. They should bend similarly to your own elbow. Do a google image search for lions and you will see what i mean.

Whoops, sketchy you are right, I have tons of reference images (am a big lion fan) but messed up that front leg pretty bad. I guess a was thinking about a human leg too much when i did it.

I will also make the nose shorter and slim down the leg, I was going for a cubbish look and that will both help with it .

Thanks for your comments !

looks good m8, well done,

but if its supposed to be the lion in the pic it looks a liitle young, lol

That looks much better.

A couple more crits: The ears seem a little large, especially for a cub (which is what it looks like your going for). Also, the paws look fine from the side view, but from the other views they look a little like fingers.

Keep up the good work!

It looks good so far, but it really does have sort of a dog look, perhaps make the ears a little more stiff looking.

I remade the ears and hind paws. Still looks like a dog with fingers though, i guess.
Maybe a lion cub without fur just is like a dog with fingers ?
I don’t know, it looks so easy in the movies.

After remaking the front paws I will add some color, maybe that helps.

The tail seems too long. Cool body/head, though! I think it looks like a lion (more than a dog).


the toes should be thicker. They are too narrow now.

“Tuck up” under the chin a little more… lions have a slight “beard” on their chin… see your ref pics…

coming along great, tho!

Shortened tail, remade paws (again) and put a toon shader on it.
Mzungu, great idea with the “beard”, i think it made a remarkable improvement on the face !

Colors are still a bit off and I don’t know how to make a quad half brownish half white. %|

looks much better m8 well one

You’re going to have to smooth the textures if you want it to look good, usually you might want to use the knife tool to make smooth curved edges for new faces.

Unwrapped the mesh with LSCM so I can UV map it , here is my first attempt at painting a texture:

the paws need some work. I think you should only have like 3 “fingers” and put them kinda close together. great texturing job though.

Can’t tell from your newest pics… maybe you have changed it already… but from the last pics on the 1st page it looks like the lion has a little bit of an underbite. If you can, try moving the tip of the lower jaw back just to where the lip and the mouth meet on the upper jaw.

The toes are a little sausage-y, but looking at this reference photo:
it seems that you are much closer to getting the paws right than you think. Maybe if the toes are shortened to where they’re almost vertical…?
Think less of “toes on the feet” and more like “blocky foot where part of the block is toes”.

Yes, paws are giving me trouble. I don’t want to “cheat” by giving her only 3 “fingers”, though.

That’s a really nice reference photo, thanks!
I remade the paws once more, this time I started from the ground plane upwards to avoid the sausage look, but it keeps coming back because of subdivision surfaces :-?
You are right about the underbite, the mouth needs a lot af work. I want to add mouth interior and teeth, too, so she can smile.