TLoS: A New Prophecy models

For my animated film, I need to have character models made for it, links to pictures are here:

Ignitus -

Terrador -

Volteer -

Cyril -

Young Spyro -

Young Cynder -

Sparx -

Kriivah -

Amare -

Umbra - (Amber eyes and back pupils)

Timor -

Dragons -

Apes -

Dreadwings -

Ice Zombies -

Floating snail -

Kane -

Atlawas -

Ice King - (Only have the sword as a weapon)

Stone Senital -

Exhumour -

Manweersmall -!Mole_yair.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110814025043

Mole-Yair -

Steam -

Conductor -

Malefor sprit - (Black scales with black shadow around him, his eyes are still the same, yellow with black middles)

If you wish to help, please PM me on what models you want to make. Models will need to be rigged with bones as well.

Many thanks,
Animater 2015