TMNT - Mouser

Decided to take a break from tutorials and actually try modeling something. We’ll see how it goes.

Finally had a chance to play around some more. I know the road texture is stretched, but I just wanted something to get started.

Now that’s a pretty nice thing. Do you have plans to animate that? If so, the “knees” could need some enhancement, because they seem to be completely solid.

Thank you. I’m debating about having him kind of bounce around a bit on the sewer cover, but we’ll see. Indeed the knees are just blocked out right now, so regardless of whether or not I animate him I want to add more detail there. Hope to get back on this project soon!

Pretty happy with how the modeling turned out, still need to texture him though. I decided to play around with dynamic topology so I’m off on a Foot Soldier tangent right now. I’ll see where this all goes before deciding how to texture anything.