tmp folder

I am working on a very short animation. After I did about 160 frames I started over. The problem is, the old animation is still in the tmp folder (running Blender 2.46 on windows xp). So, when I try to play the new animation, they both play one after the other. I restarted Blender and restarted the computer. The tmp folder is still full. Isn’t it supposed to be temporary?

What did I miss?

The temporary folder doesn’t automatically delete anything. (which, personally, I am thankful for). That part is just your responsibility. But anyway, it sounds like you are rendering all of your animations as individual images. For animations, I usually render them as “avi jpeg” video files.
(By the way, this forum is for finished animations. This thread should go in the animation support forum.)

no temp is temporary I think? Tmp has to be cleared my the user it’s in c: mp that’s also where quit.blend is.

for images (*such as exr) try setting the render to /tmp/animation/picture
it will put all the pictures in a folder for ya :yes:

I just usually let the tmp folder fill up/ sort as I go :stuck_out_tongue:

my tmp folder is currently 21.7 GB… and still fun to manage with subfolders :yes:

and that’s just this year’s stuff :stuck_out_tongue: