TM's 3D sketchbook-update(11-12-2012)

One simple rule I can only work on this one hour each day no more no less
first day first hour

I had trouble uploading these other views, but here the are these are from the day one

Good first hour !

Thanks man, another days work this is weird working only one hour on something. But it is having a positive effect it is focusing my mind like crazy. I concentrated more in this hour than I normally do. I am pretty confident that if I do the same on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I should have the body finished by than.

Hopefully I can keep this up like my 500 bad drawings thread.

Good progress and fantastic idea I think I will do the same once I finish my current project.

Not my idea just google “cgtalk an hour a day”. But it really is a very good exercise just find a quiet moment in your day and have Blender open and maybe some tunes to pass the time, no surfing the net, no email, phones i.e no multitasking just focus on Blending and you will be amazed at how productive you are. Multitasking is overrated, if I could stretch this to two hours of productive focused work I will become a machine but I will stick to an hour until it becomes an ingrained habit like brushing my teeth or flossing.

looking good for two hours!

Tyrant, you are an art monster, rampaging through the mediums, leaving a trail of broken graphite and twisted pixels that may never be cleaned up. I wish I had half your stamina, or a third of your dedication. Keep it up and keep sharing, it’s really inspiring to watch.

nice work!!

What car is it? Lotus Elise? Very clean topology.

1h a day is a great idea indeed. Let’s see how long you can keep the pace.

I like that idea. I mean the timing. I often have trouble finding time to work on my projects but I could probably do an hour a day. Very clean topology. What reference are you using?


@Zeffii thanks

@3demntia thanks for the kind words

@croatia thanks

@JoolsMcfly thanks, as to what car am I modeling just wait and see you should be able to tell by either Saturday or Friday. An Eagle eyed gear head should be able to pick it up by now. But its not an Elise look at the front bonnet:cool:. Now will I be able to keep this up, I honestly don’t know and seeing that I am no Oracle I will do the best that I can by taking it one day at a time and not stressing out if I miss a day or two.

@DMRadford thanks man, and the reference that I’m using is something I got off but can’t say what car it is. I want to see if someone will guess right.

looks like an audi R8 but i could be wrong, nice work anyway:D

looking sharp TM! my first thought was Ferrari, but it also looks like a Lambo

none of the above(not an R8 not a 458) the front end should eliminate some possibility but the rear is distinctive so here is a shot from the back but by Day 4 it should begin to emerge so to speak.

hmmm…a mclarren perhaps? and good work btw

ferrari 360 challenge stradale?

I would have guessed Koenigsegg…but I doubt myself heavily.

Very nice work so far (een though we don’t know what it is XD) I really wan’t to see what comes of this… And to back up what 3Dementia said, yuo really are an inspirational artist, keap going!

PS: How do you actually GET any blueprints off Because whenever try I just get advertising and not the smallest sniff of a blueprint…

Really fond of your abilities and skills !!!

McLaren MP4-12C ? mmm tasty car.

@Wefyb The website is you forgot the dash.