TNG edit 40: Tea with Jean-Luc - CGI done in Blender!

So I sometimes make these “edits” of Star Trek TNG. They’re quite popular on Youtube.
I’m trying to take them to the next level by adding more of my own elements, like CGI stuff.
For this one I added a lot of CGI teacups and pots, for Picard’s readyroom.
As if he’s a teacup hoarder.
(Think about it though, what does he do with all those cups that the replicator makes?)

Check it out, hope you guys like it.
Rendered in Cycles.


Wow that’s great make, dude! How long did it take to complete all the designs? Did you just duplicate them?

Hehehe - great fun ^^

And very well made! I miss a bit of speech, though, but I guess you have your reasons for cutting it out?

Edit: Boy, is my face red… My headphones were plugged in, and I weren’t wearing them… :o :eek:

Whoops, I didn’t check this thread for replies.

I based the models on cups and pots really used in the show. It didn’t take long to model or render, I spent most time just finding the right clips from the show.
Thanks for checking it out!

Please enjoy another little bonus episode based on this one:

haha this is great, very nice work.