to all you python scripters! spider-challenge

(Nayman) #1

I am looking for a script that would allow someone to place an empty somewhere, and then have another empty in a line from it, connected between the two is a cylinder that has many sections so it can deform like a rope.

This is for the webbing for spider man to swing on.

As you know (possibly), i am currentlyworking on a large-scale spider-man project, and animating the webbing by hand is killing me! anyone have a python script liek that hanging around, or have any idea how i can acheive this effect, or, willing to write me a python script?

(_Aorus_) #2

This isn’t as good as a script, but u could just make the rope by bevOb a curve, convert to a mesh, beauty subdivide a few times, and add the build effect to it. Then animate the curve with armatures.
Would that speed things up?

(Briggs) #3

It sounds like what you need is akin to a spring system arrangment. has a good tutorial (in C) on implementing a simple spring system. It could easily be adapted to your purposes. This might be too slow in python however since it relies on a 3d distance equation (among other things) that involves square roots and what not. If it induces a prohibitive speed cost it’s simple enough to write a C module to do the distance calc in an attempt to speed things up, as a matter of fact I did just that a few months ago for a project that was pretty much what you need (unfinished though). If you want the C module I can send it too you.

(Nayman) #4

you see, i have been doing it with armatures, but it takes so long!

any other ideas?

(Briggs) #5

other than the spring system work alike?

(K-Rich) #6

…RipString wrote a script a while ago for this… it was called Tangix “Elastic Gravity Simulator” i don’t know where the original file is so i’ve put it on my site at i hope this helps… also, i thought i’d toss this in JUST FOR YOU!

hope this helps in your webbed crusade :slight_smile:


(Nayman) #7

cannot acsess your sites`!

(K-Rich) #8

… i’ve been trying the abyss web server… peice of shit… it’s up now… i’m gonna put it back to apache later this week…