To anyone familainr with After Effects, im trying to do the following in Blender...

I realise that I wont achcieve the same results but really I’ll just be improvising and trying to make do with what I have. I have just listed general topics/effects as the specifics will vary.

  • Card wipe effect. I was think I may need to use LOTS of planes ?
  • Shape layer effect.
  • 3d light streaks/whips. I dont know the real name for these but if you imagine a camera lense left open for a whil and a light is moving around on the black background. It;s seen often in photos of cars at night and you can see the long streaks from the car lights. (oh hold on I see people are onto this already) Perhaps decent tutorial on it may suffice ?

To anyone who answers I appreciate your time , thanks.

Thanks for mentioning me, 3pointEdit :slight_smile:

The functions of shape layers in after effects are split acros multiple tools in Blender. One you might consider is Rotobezier: