To anyone include expert blenders.


I want to know if anyone understands this tutorial. I am stuck with step 15. I actually use blender 2.49b. I know this guy uses 2.5 version. You can look at his tutorial.

I am trying to complete that tutorial. I pressed tab. After that, I clicked on O. What should I do next? This guy didn’t say anything on that part. Let’s see if you guys understand what he does with that part.

He is using proportional editing to reshape the cloud object


I wonder why does he have cube again after he did all work from 1 to 14 steps. He already has three names for example


Now he creates a new cube. I am kinda confused.

Exactly what is written there…

<o> activates the proportional edit mode.
select one of the bottom vertices.
press <g> for grab
press <z> to constrian the movement to the z-axis
move the vertices up and watch the rest of them move along due to proportional edit mode.

you might need to ajust the area of effect (a circle on your screen) with the mouse wheel for the proportion edit tool.


Because he enters edit more. Texture displacement is not shown in edit mode but in object mode unless you apply the modifier.

He only has one cube but multiple textures applied to it, each affecting the displacement slightly differently. Note that at the end he renders the cloud with a volume material, this is not present in blender 2.49b so you will not get the same cloud appearance at the end.


the 2.5 latest use the volume option for texture so it won’t work in 2.49

but there is also ascript included to make clouds in 2.5

see other application for volumetric too in

salutations & happy 2.5

Can you please show me an example with this actions?

select one of the bottom vertices.

Is 2.5 better than 2.49b? I am gonna download it now.

well 2.5 is still in alpah stage but you can use the cloud script it’s wroking fine

you can download from the latest built

and yes 2.5 has more feature then 2.49 but no yet fully debugged
like many of the modifiers are not fully working ect,

but you can do clouds with it no poblems!

happy 2.5

sorry i did not do this tut yet

i just ried it for the fun
and it works fine
just follow the steps one by one!

if you follow the steps it should work fine
but i did not check if there is any bugs in this tut

now for the render not certain here but i’ll let you know how long it takes

with the orginal file seems to take around 5 minutes to render
but still need to test the file i did for this!

so try it again

hope it helps

of youc an follow the video in teh link given to make clouds
there is more then one way to do it !

happy 2.5

That tutorial looks good. I want to do that. I don’t understand step 15 very well. Can you show me your screenshot for step 15? I know that you understand it very well. I need to understand it too.

look at the edit tool

this is basic tool in blender should be easy to do


Yes, I chose smooth falloff. It doesn’t look the same to the tutorial’s pic. For example:


o is a cube. / \ is where you can reshape. I don’t get / \ at all. I dragged it with mouse L. It looks bad. His tutorial pictures looks good. Should I use down arrow instead of mouse left? Can you please make a video from that tutorial?

I had to post again. Do you understand what I meant about /o?

propor edit is always something approximative difficult to redo woth precision

so as long as you get an approximate shape i guess it;s good enough!

i think the wiki page on propr tool explain it in general

hope it helps