To automatically bake all meshs, is it possible with add-on?

Hi all,

I search an add-on to bake automatically my all (2010x) meshes in one time to uv-diffuse texture if the mesh has a material, applied on it…
Does exist this add-on, please?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks you Men,

It’s not that I think but it’s interesting too…
No if this add-on don’t exist, it’s a lack: an automatic diffuse baker, for all meshes one by one.
So with all meshes with one uv-diffuse texture, I can little by little complete the painting work.

and at end, I could use textureatlas for the final job.


PS: @@martin.hedin Congratulations for your so nice Therme of Perter Zumthor, I love it!!!

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I don’t understand why this thread must be moved to “Basics and interface”. It’s not a basic question and not an interface problem?
But some people must tell their comments about all…certainly!