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I corrected links, descriptions and typos for Principled Baker and Rigify for MB-Lab.
I added new add-on Empty to Image Plane.

I added new add-on Eevee Presets.


Not sure if it does anything special, But 2.8 has window>new window which can be used as floating workspace.
Just use OS specific “always on top” on that window and make the 3d view only by pressing ctrl+space in 3d view


Hello. My addons support 2.8 as well. Would you like to add them to the list? Thank you!

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Hi, Thanks. Could you check first post? ( Send from phone). Working today.

[free addon] advanced boolean tool beta v05 support blender 2.8


Advanced UI Menus
I just updated my addon to add a blender 2.8 version.
It provides context sensitive menus, user customizable menus, a floating collection manager, and various other UI/UX elements to make your workflow easy and fast.

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I finally managed to get the particle hair updates running too:

But in which category should I add it?

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Thanks for the addon, updates, notifications, etc.
It seems to me that Modeling - Organic could be a good category, or?

Hi guy’s,

Can someone tell me where in the menu the addon can be reach because there is nothing in sidebar since he mention location is sidebar/edit.

Someone told me to use shift +S but this bring the origin pie menu in RC 3 so is there a secret trick to find it?

(For those wondering what addon we’re talking about, it’s probably Bool Tool).

Someone? Was that on YouTube? In that case it was me.
Seems to be Ctrl+Shift+b as I check the preferences. Could that be?
Few suggestions:

  • Same problem with the Blender 2.80 download on
  • In case there is a clinch with another addon, check keymap: Edit > Preferences > Keymap. Change Left drop down to Key Binding and search for Ctrl Shif B. Then change shortcut.
  • Or in case with conflict with other addon, create a workspace and call if for example Boolean. Then go to the properties panel > Active Tool and Workspace TAB. There, you check on the Checkbox called Filter Addons. In the list you look for addons you want to enable in this workspace, and enable also Bool Tool
  • Or check the menu in Blender in the 3D viewport under Object.
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My bad it was even indicated in the addon menu and i didn’t notice but none the less thank for replying!

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X-Muscle System and X-Pose Picker added to the paid list


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Here two addons related to Render Border (Render Region in 2.8) that existed in 2.7x and that I found are ported to 2.8:

You can find it in Camera tab in Porperties editor.

You can find it in Render tab in Properties editor
(You see in the link button for donation or possibility of buying addon in the market)


Will it be possible to update blender 2.8 the addon “animation joiner”? The version for 2.7 is no longer available from the main site. Thank you

You might want to ask for a 2.8 update in this topic, also read by add-on developers:

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Thanks for your help, Metin :wink:

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Same here. I left 3DSMAX for blender. I formally used Max2AE as a regular part of my After Affects / 3D workflow. I would love to see Blender make the AE camera and null script a permanent part of the code.


Hey! Can you tell me how to use this add-on while maintaining each of the objects origins? I tried with a scene of multiple objects, each object has its origin set to geometry. I select them all and export using the script. However, it seems after the export it averages out the origins :frowning:

Added: Spindle: Render Manager & Frame Batcher
Render multiple cameras with custom settings from one panel. Batch Render still frames and animations selectively from any number of cameras in your scene with one push of a button!.

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