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Do I have to ask for permission for edditing? If so I want to add these addons:

Pressetter Professional (Free)

Presets for viewport types visibility, overlays, snapping, orientations,shading…

Select Panel (Free)

A panel dedicated to having all selection commands at a glance

Extra Lights (Free)


Hi @bloox64,
No need to ask for permission. And thanks for contributing to the list. You can scroll to the first post, and there you see a green icon with a number in front.

If you are interested I can also add you as author on, but so far I didn’t make a tutuorial on how to create posts over there. It’s a wordpress site and has 30k visitors a month

In case some-one else is interested in becoming an author let me know. A requirement is that I can see that you have some affinity with Blender. For example you have a youtube channel about blender, or made 1 or more addons, or are active here on the forum for longer time etc.

Well, I made the second addon on that list, so I guess that’s enough.

I didn’t know I could edit the post, but is the google spreadsheet what I’m having problems editing, since is only readable, there’s where I asked for permission. I don’t feel like updating much but sure, add me there as well.

I also found this ones:

Oscurart edit normals tool (free)

Abnormal normal edit (Free)

It’s back in the latest 2.83 Beta. HORRAY!!!

New add-on called Set Precise Mesh /CAD was added to Modeling - HardSurface
Link to Release Add-on post


VSHADE and VMATS was added to Paid Add-ons list.

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Hi I am new to video editing and very new to Blender
Can the above text effects available as an addon to Blender VSE
Change the location from 3D view to VSE if its a trick just let me know please

Finally added re:BOOT, I made a gumroad entry for it for visibility.

Also uploaded AStats, currently only for 2.83 LTS until they fix the mess in 2.90. Both addons for free.


For those who want to promote their addon there is also the following opportunity:

For more information visit:

Free addons:

  • An option is to provide me a link so I can try out the addon, write an article and review it. The main functions has to work on Blender 2.8x. If applicable and I have time I can also make a video, unlisted at first so you can review the video. Video will be posted on:
  • Another option is that I give you author rights on the blender-addons website. It’s a Wordpress website and an article requires at least 300 words, headers, subheaders, a cover of 500x500px. And when you scroll down you see the SEO and readability status which have to show green. That later one is a bit tricky after a few time you will get the hang of it.

Paid Addons

  • Sometimes I cannot afford to purchase the addon for full price, so in case your addon is in higher price-range you could consider a voucher code. I will ask you to set up an affiliate link on Blender Market or Gumroad. The percentage of commision is up to you. Mind that I give an honest review and I avoid to get involved in over-the-top marketing practises. This, because I also want to keep my own visitors happy.

The page shows how you can contact me, or you can also contact me here.


Robert (aka Peetie, Founder of New Media Supply).


Dynamic Slice and Cap was added to Paid Add-ons list.

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(AStats) Can you please make the On/Off button completely pause the addon from calculating amount of polygons? When I select a HP object, blender becomes incredibly slow because the addon is calculating a huge amount of objects. The On/Off button doesn’t actually turn off the calculation, it just hides the text display from the viewport.

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Strange. I just tested and when turning OFF Selection Stats I recovered performance. When toggling Global Stats there’s no difference I could spot, 48fps on my system for 6 million polys in either state.
I will have a look at it.

EDIT: I added some additional checks so test now if performance improves!

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Not global stats but personal stats for selected objects. It comes to a slowdown calculation high polys even with the setting at the top right off

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Sadly, that’s not possible. There’s a workaround though: you need to create a new Blender scene inside your .blend file and in that scene you animate your Text object as you please. Then you place that scene’s active camera facing your text. And then you go back to the scene where you have your VSE and go to add a new scene sequence, and choose your scene that has the animated text.
I hope I’ve been of help :slight_smile:


I made a procedural rock modifier stack as a blend file, I’m not sure if it’s apt for inclusion. In the video you can see that I set up a few custom settings so it’s very easy to create variations.


Noter was added

Noter is an add-on created to increase productivity in Blender by organizing the workflow.


i’m french beginner and i would to thank you for this addon tool. I was watched on the website It’s excellent that you realise. I’m suscribing to your channel and sicover others videos to help me in animations that i want realize.

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