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My first post here.
Personal project part of Series of projects related to being forced to stay at home. Sign of the times.


Looking great! Are you using geo data or generating everything procedurally? If later how are you achieving the hydraulic erosion, assuming you are even doing so in cycles/blender?

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I am using both methods…and there is no erosion on these meshes, mostly it’s the data from the file downloaded from the net. On the meshes what I did procedurallyto get the effect is the amount of subs. Actually I was having, and still am, having a hard time finding the right spot without blowing up my computer… and I have a threadripper 3970X with Nvidia 2080Ti and 64 Gb of RAM… tips are welcome on getting better results. I really wanted to get this animation to an upper level. It was rendered in cycles. Now I am trying Luxcore. You can check my last post. Thank you for your comment.

Well, you indicate that some of this is from downloaded data, so I’ll assume geo data then. But there’s definitely visible erosion, otherwise the mountains would look more like hills and there’d be no rivers. Thanks for answering.

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For the water, rivers, I just added a plane. You are welcome.

The birdseye view with the flowing mist is definitely my favourite. You used good height map with nice balance between detail and overall composition.
Also shading could benefit from some work. Try using pointiness and AO. They are availabe as input value in node editor, and can give you good base for procedural terrain shaders.

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