To be or not to be...High Poly.

I’ve worked on my personal project for over 8 years. Now, all of a sudden, I have been plagued with a question that’s been

eating at me for the past 2 days. Does the finished project of all animation actually uses high poly models? I fear this

the answer to this question because I want it to get to that particular standard of studio quality. I’m searching to find

answers, I have not been successful of finding any that’s cut and dry.

my opinion: If it looks good, keep it! But maybe you mean, working for such a long time on the same project… yeah I bet you have to change the workflow in some areas. But lowpoly or highpoly … isn´t a question for the animation team. Usualy you animate with the lowpoly first and skin the highpoly on top.

Skining the high poly on top? So you replace it later on?

You can. Animation of proxies are then replaced with a higher poly versions, but remember, studios also use normal maps and so on, and in cases where high poly geometry is not needed (like background elements, or things that one would only see for an instant and be blurred anyway) they use really low geometry. It really is a case by case use and like said above, whatever looks good. You just have to trick the eye in most cases, and know what shots you need and how much focus is going to be on that asset. Same goes for shading, if you’re not going to miss it, then you don’t need it.

I see. I also had to take it into consideration because when I render the sequences, I really, really, want it to make it look like it’s studio quality.

Hi, I am not sure if you have heard of the series: RWBY. Before the creator passed away (rip Monty) he used low poly for the characters and assets. He even used an unconventional software called Poser. The main goal was to chun out finished episodes as quick as possible and not dwell on too much refinement.
Today, the series is big in Japan and the US.

watch at 52:17