To be Or Not To be...

The Templo is getting hard , so… made this to play with yafray…

I Hope you enjoy, thanks C&C as always are welcome.

c-you soon


Very nice…

yafray will have SSS (I hope soon, they are working on it) and then you will be able to set the bone material more accurately…

for the time being I think that the bone material has too much spec and reflection to it, but its very nice!

That’s pretty cool. How long did you take to make that skeleton?

very nice, the look of the material goes well with the realism of the skeleton.

Thanks to all for you comments.

NQE1: only took me 3 hours. :wink:



Well modeled. It is a pity the material isn’t quite what it could be, but it’s close, so kudos for that. The fellow must have polished his skull, which I suppose would indeed be alluring if you were an animated corpse.

Very very cool subject ! I like the expression of the skull. The only thing i would do is get rid of the reflection on the bones and perhaps do something like an out of focus background. I imagine a kind of classroom (in reference to the classic Sheakspear tought in schools and the skeletons you often find in biology classrooms… it could be funny).

Just suggesting. Great model.