To be or not to be...

Here is my latest project. The primary purpose of this was to play with the light found in the woods, and here is the result. Give me your criticisms and comments, thank you.
The smoke was made ​​with PS, because I had about problem with rendering. I had no problem with the latest versions of Blender, except in this project. The simulation goes well but the smoke does not appear when rendered. And I have not found a solution.

2880x1000 + B.I. Cycles

Really good and fun.

Looks nice,
But maybe the lightrays are too hard

I really like this picture…especially the robot looking at itself in what appears to be an introspection of self.

I do not like the smoke (didn’t notice it until you mentioned it actually). What I liked about the image was it looked like the “wreck” had occurred a long time ago (growth all around the engine)(only one large piece remaining) and that the “being” (said robot) was in a clearing of “light” in what looked like a world of either light…or as one can see further back into the forest…darkness.

I have no problem with the intensity of the beams - get rid of the smoke and I am happy. :slight_smile:

Nice visualization!

Awesome! The lighting and atmosphere on this image are perfect :smiley: Great job!

I love the story. :slight_smile: The focal could be a little larger though.

I agree, the volumetric lighting seems too harsh, maybe make it fade out towards the end hitting the ground.

Apart from that everything else looks amazing! Very beautiful render!

p.s. that grass look amazing! O.O

Thank you very much.
I’ll do some testing to modify the rays of light and smoke. I’ll see if it’s worth it.

Great work on the framing!