TO BE SEEN BY PIXAR - Riggers/ Animators/ Character Animators needed for 3D Short

Dear all users,

I am a producer/writer looking to secure work with Disney/Pixar in the coming year. In order to prove my skills as a producer, working in a team and creating great story/content, I have devised a concept and am working on a script that - once produced - will be screened to those in the company.

The film is estimated to be 3-4 mins in length, extremely easy to draw out (a style similar to Pixar’s 1989 ‘Knick Knack’) with minimal characters and a reliance on story.

All that is needed is an experienced rigger(s) and character animator/ animator(s) who is/are capable of making a lovely looking piece of work by January 1st.

You can be from anywhere in the world - we will communicate regularly online and hopefully create a relationship so we can work on future projects together!

In all, the project is a great opportunity to have another film under the belt, work with enthusiastic individuals and have your work seen by the likes of Disney and Pixar!

Please reply if you are interested, with the role you would like to take on and a link to a piece of your previous work!

Thank you all,



Getting work shown to Disney and/or Pixar is no small feat and definitely a big deal. If this is a serious effort, then I’d advice posting this in the “Paid Work” section, since few will believe that someone can just magically appear on the site and guarantee an in for one or both of the two biggest animation giants on the planet. And, if this is something you’re staking a possible career on, then, being a producer, one would expect that it’d be worth it to pay a reasonable amount of money to get the job done.
Not trying to say you’re a phony or your dreams are invalid, or whatever. But you definitely should rethink your approach a little and try again.
Best of luck. Hope you to see you working there (or somewhere else amazing)!

I’m curious as to how you plan to show your work to Disney/Pixar. You seem to be very enthusiastic about that part. Have you established some contacts inside the company? Did you do previous work with them or even another animation studio in the past? Or are you just going to send them an email and hope for the best?

You’re no producer if you’re not paying anything.

a Nigerian princess in distress :confused::eyebrowlift:

This thread’s title is the biggest clickbait i’ve ever seen on this forum and I’m a little ashamed for falling for it. Well played maxmarlow, Well played…

Expecting random people off the internet to make a Pixar-quality short in 3 months already showcases some stellar producer skills. Sign me up!

@maxmarlow - are you this Max Marlow? -

I accept, for a one time payment of $25,000 USD.


Take that thedeamon :slight_smile:

iirc all you need to do is send in your work just like any other place, so I don’t see why this is anything special.

here are some tips, because lets face it you’re off to a bad start.

  • don’t expect AAA quality from freebies.
  • you’ll also needs props, environments and lighting and someone who knows their way around particles besides characters.
  • movies made by ‘random people on the net’ usually fall apart for various reasons. Payment is a way to keep it going as real life demands you to pay bills and provide food.
  • making an animated movie is not a small feat. It sounds like you don’t know about the amount of time and work something like this takes.
  • 3 months is probably too short to create quality unless you start trowing a seriously high amount of cash around. (but even then I doubt it)