To boldly Go Enterprise New looks!

Here are some early sketches mesh I did for a cancel project.I had to resemble the original
in some area of looks with some Vulcan influence technology unfortunately at the moment I was just to add the engine the project got can.So, I move on to some others projects.

Hope you’ll like it.:spin: update I added the engine just for fun.just a sample render


update:many fans enjoy mirror,mirror episode of the original here is my version of a pirate ship enterprise encountering the other enterprise crew.enjoy:D


Here is a Vulcan shuttle ship,NO! is not spock time travel ship.:smiley:

last pictures I’m setting up a website were I can post all production work of
“To boldly go” thank all for the crit Update.
Here is the Reliance ship new version that was consider for the project.
still working on the new site.Enjoy!


well hey if you post the .blend, maybe i’ll see if i can’t texture it up for ya. i’m a big star trek fan myself; i plan to go as spock for halloween :smiley:

hey what are you using?

Awesome image. Can’t wait for futher updates!

It looks really great so far :slight_smile:

But what program are you using? it doesn’t look like blender :confused:

I use silo 2.1 professional I could have model in blender,but I like silo much more for details purpose.

I will make the blend file available as soon as I figure out how to shut off mirrors when exporting. cheer!

sorry,but I can’t upload file I send you an e-mail requesting your for via send the file. Cheer!

oh cheers bro, was wondering what it was.

My internet service maybe out of service so,any request or reply may be later on ok.