To Boldly Go...

OK, Version two, fixed the crappy lighting, the horrible blender flare (For an almost as bad Photoshop one) and planet glow…

Just a little something I whipped up this morning. :slight_smile:

Could we see a larger Image?
It looks good, but it’s hard to really tell…

Edit: oops, silly me. never mind.

did you click the image? It’s a hyperlink…

you did this in a morning?
i love the sun. great effect.

about half an hour really. I SHOULD work on the lighting of the NX-01. That would polish it off.

The planet was easy, just the blue mars maps. lit by a Hemi light Sun is two seperate Halo/Flares.

half an hour??! :o the ship would have taken me at least a few hours to model!

note the credits…the ship is Kenny_Z’s NX-01 that I converted to blender. :slight_smile:

not my model. I simply converted and re-textured her for Blender awhile back. Took him over a month to model if I recall. :smiley:

Updated…because the original was horrible.

yea…I looked at this this morning telling myself something was way wrong…it wasn’t of your quality level…and now I look at this new planet, and yea, that’s A2597 quality!!

Good job dude, as usual

oops…missed that :expressionless:

I’ve been procrastinating. I have about 8 24x19inch drawings due in…9 hours. No sleep tonight I see…