To bumpmap or not to bumpmap

To bumpmap or not to bumpmap that is the question. When making a texture
in a piant program you might use bumpmaping if you do should you also use bumpmapping when rendering in blender or is that too much???


You create a bump map in the paint program. You generate the effects of the bump in the render. They are completely different.

You should try and generate as much detail in your model as you can, depending on what it is, as this will catch the light better and create more noticable details. Only use bump maps for small details, like small wrinkles, pores in skin, etc. For larger wrinkles, cracks in panels, etc., model them.


Thanks i will experiment with it. By the way i am making a head. I had a hard time unwrapping, then I read your uv mapping a human head and I unwrapped easily. That made it clear for me. great tutorial