to cs ?


briefly , is crystal space better as an engine ???

and does it need advanced programming methods

since it is an open-source engine , would it be possible to see the sdk and make psp or ps2 games , … (i mean convert the blenderplayer source to work in psp :eyebrowlift: )

i’m learning c++ now , and i have made very simple psp program as a start …

would my chance be better with that engine , … or do you think bge is getting better with the time :eyebrowlift2:
i can’t make the decision easily :frowning: , any help will be apreciated :yes:



CELstart uses Python and XML, Crystalspace uses C, and there are bindings for others too if I am not mistaken. (I just use the blender exporter and CELstart right now).

I have no idea about exporting to Sony products, you probably need to by an SDK kit from them.They have a way to do Linux on a PS3, but there are no 3D drivers :(, so I doubt the game engine would work. (unless you somehow got the old Mesa software drivers working somehow)

You can find out much more about CS here in the official forum, I am no expert.
They are down today for some reason, I just reported it to the IRC channel.

If you are doing a 3D shooter I highly recommend CS over blender right now. They have a very complete set up for 3d shooters, called Crystal Core:
It is all open source so you can examine everything they used. They have a real portal system, so with proper planning, you can have amazingly detailed areas all over your world.

I also really enjoy being able to build my shaders in blender material system, with normal maps, texture, and Specular maps. There are a few other nice shaders ready made for you there too.

For outdoor scenes I reccomend CS as well, they have a real terrain system, where you parent your foliage/rock/debris meshes to the terrain, and it scatters them about automatically for you!
YOu can also paint a mask texture for the foliage, so you can specify exactly where to add the meshes, and where to leave bare (for roads , walkways,under buildings, etc)

we can bake nice shadows in blender now with multi UV maps, and the new render baker. It is totaly a manual system though, any changes you make, you need to re-bake everything.

With CS they have it set to automatically UV map, and build the light maps for you, It is a lot like developing in UnrealED for unreal, and Radiant for quake 3 or Hammer for Half Life based games.Only much better!! you get to use blender, and NO BSP!! :smiley:

Well anyway, CS is really worth looking at for some games.
I am developing my next game in blender game engine first, then I am porting it all over to CS.
I want nice, huge outdoor scenes, with lots of trees, and rocks , and plants.

Here is the guied for the CELstart setup:

here is some python information for CS and CEL start:

Well, hope you have fun with this new toy, I sure have been having a good time with it :slight_smile:

OH ! @_@ … the site download speed is 100 bytes / second !
i’m DLDing cs’s source from
what is the difference between cel and cs ?? ?
can i do it all in blender (character + tex + uvw + animation) and then export it there exactly without any change ???
i’m DLDing the source , how can i compile it ???
would the c++ programming be pain there ?? ?

the problem you’ll facing is that you reed a developpement kit to do your game and for example a Ps3 sdk is 7500 euros …

C++ programming for beginners in low-level programming is generally a pain. You have to code quite much with it (from three to six months perhaps?) before you get used to it, but once you do, it becomes just another tool ;).

CEL means Crystal Entity Layer. It encapsulates some common stuff done with game engines which would be a pain to code with CS only. Basically CEL is a very usefull connection of functionality built on the top of CS. Also you can script CEL with python and xml.