To dark text/background

(sten) #1

I like the overall webdesign for this site…very nice…but there are one tiny detail that’s bothers my a bit, when I read some articles (tutes and other things), I feel that I have hard time to read it because the background color is to darkgrey if the maintext will be black…

So I wonder if someone else feels like this and if Kib_Tph will look into this…

It is not hat I have very bad eyesight, it is just that it is harder to read…I must increase the fontsize to able to read it easier and sometimes I even select the text so it will turn white…

Just some suggestion…otherwise…I love the webdesign here :smiley: !!


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(Sprite) #2

It’s not just you; it is hard to read. No offense, but the article text color and the background color do not contrast well, which decreases readability.

Also, the “” background is a really neat effect, but at a cost to people who want to print out an article. I’ve attempted to print out articles with IE 5 and Netscape 4.7, and the background image always prints out and runs into the text. Although I’m using old versions of browsers, I can’t upgrade them (they’re managed by the computer lab people); if I’m using them, chances are someone else are using old browsers too.