to do openlGL do I ....

keep Blender in internal, use a sun or point light set up and go to the N key and turn on openGL shade something like that? and that is it right? My textures look horrible but, I never learned internal, I started a year ago and started using cycles so the internal; is new to me and not to many tutorials on that .

I am hoping my texture will look like this. once i learn OpenGL


You do not have to learn OpenGL.
OpenGL is the graphics driver that Blender uses.
That is, it is the technology for displaying the Blender interface.
It is also used to create an quick render for the selections from the Render menu

The tutorial you link too is specifically using internal materials to fake a shadow effect in the viewport

OpenGL is used for the viewport when you are using Cycles or internal materials

So OpenGL is not a magic way to make a material look good.
The best way to learn to create materials in Cycles or internal is to try to create one, and then paste the results here for people to help improve it.

Hope this helps