TO-DO Task Manager V3

Continuing the discussion from TODO Task Manager:

Here is the small updates for the addon as suggested. Currently working on other features from recommendation, Stay tuned for Upcoming Updates.

Change logs:

  • Some bug fixes
  • Change the default position from 3d viewport to N panel
  • Added count of completed and total tasks
  • Added preference to set the width for popover panel in 3D header and
    for the floating panel.
  • Changes to naming convention

if you have any feature suggestions click here to add it in my github page or comment below.

links to buy the addon:

Thanks for the support…!!!


Do you have plans for some kind of CalDAV sync? I am guessing that this a per blend file tasks list, while that is nice it is not much of a use in a real team environment.

i am trying to implement saving and loading the task, then after that i may try this. But the thing is am new here :grinning: :grinning:.

Do you have any example how sync works in blender so i can take a look.

Thanks in advance

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I guess you will need to find a Python lib that can interface with any CalDAV serverm from there you will sync the tasks inside the .blend file back to the CalDAV server.

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Couldn’t it be possible to interact with the text editor of the specific file to make and read entries? This way I believe it would not be necessary to dig so deeply since the text is open and saved for each blend file.

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So does this now require a purchase for every version? Because I just bought V2, and now there’s a V3 that I can’t acces…

Not really. From where did you purchase.

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Gumroad, I sent the receipt to your email!