To harkyman

I there, I was just writing to say hi to harkyman, and wishing him well on his work with blenderpeople and hoping that he is able to get what he needs to get done for the siggraph show later. He has done an excellent job thus far as you can probably tell from his blog and I thank you very much for this, since your loss of personal and family time must be reaching its brink. Dude, the community says thanks, and good luck!:smiley:

Blender people as I understand it is a crowd control application to work in hand with blender. Similar to Softimages behaviour( I think…:o) Correct me if I am wrong!

P.S. I think this is also to all the developers out there putting forth many long hours for the communities benefit. Thank you!!!

Yeah, awsome. Blenderpeople will be a big help for animations.