To liquid cool multi-GPU PC build or not? Concerned about noise floors and heat

As I said earlier, I never use it. It has always caused problems to me too. I just learned to live without it.

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I missed that.

Yeah, it’s causing massive problems and I’m wasting hours trying to troubleshoot it. There’s so many reports of this online with a large array of variables so I’m going to just keep the computer on and disable sleep.

Earlier I think I noticed the whine emerge around when the computer was going to sleep. The hassle of these errors and the whining is enough for me. No sleep on this machine. I’ll power off the display when taking a break and completely power down while away.

I’ll report back with an update on the whining.

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The non constant high pitched “whine” is back but is occurring less than it had been.

I’m using the W10 settings you recommended above and also tried resetting the power plan.

If you install the chipset drivers from AMD then you can use the ryzen powerplan for windows 10

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I did install the AMD chipset drivers but am not aware of ryzen powerplan so I’ll check this out. Thanks for the suggestion.

And have you installed the AMD ryzen master software , then you can enable the powerplan for windows 10

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Yes I have activated it and made certain to disable the sleep and hibernation settings.

Are you only using “High Performance”?

Default settings for the bios & xmp enabled , for windows 10 Amd ryzen high performance powerplan should be fine :grinning: & sleep disable /hibernation etc…
Amd ryzen master ; default settings ( keep it simple )

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