TO many troubles with left click. Option to change removed ? or not?

When I first installed blender 280 it gave me the option to use right click or left click. I thought surley I would be able to easily find out how to change it if I needed to… But not cant find it. look and look no findy. I search the web and it tells me how to do it but preferences do not look the same as mine. No option to change it under input.
DId option to change get removed. ?
I go to press w and I go to press ctrl atl shift c and so thats missing. Apparently if I could go back to the the old right click then my shortcuts would bot be difference. ?
that would be good for now. and nice. At least untel I find a good list of shortcut or new changes list At least tell the Documentation gets caught up.

The option is still available, it just might have been moved around in a recent update. The old 2.7X keymap is also available in the preferences as well.

Preferences->Keymap->Select With.

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ok how do I set the origin when I put the select to right mb ? ctrl shift alt c is gone. was that removed out of a conflict ?

Shift+s gives you the cursor pie menu, in Edit mode, you set cursor to selected, in object mode, use objct->Set Origin.
If you mean position the 3D cursor, that actually has it’s own button now, directly below the select arrow. So just select that, position the cursor, then switch back to select.
I don’t know if there is a shortcut to move between them as I use Hard Ops and BoxCutter, the extended pie menus add a lot of this into single actions.