to model a futuristic car

I had a thought the other day while looking at a car in the finished projects section. I thought about a relatively tiny air powered car in the future that made a cheesy “neeeee neee neeeeeeee” noise as the engine revved up, while everyone else would have these fusion-powered super cars. I lol’ed thinking of this :stuck_out_tongue: . so I made a really bad “sketch?” in inkscape of this car and a rough model afterwards in blender. Since I’m fairly new to 3D, could anyone give any tips, pointers, advice on how I can model this car?


Well I could recommend that if you want to make it look better, try and model each part of the car separate, such as the door and windshield. Basically think of car if you rip off the windshield and doors and tires. Model that of the car, and then work on the other parts

the mouse car! =D…

but yea, you will wanna model one piece at a time =)

ok, when modeling each piece how do you make sure each piece is in correct proportion to the rest of it? Like the body to the door. it sounds pretty hard to make sure the door isn’t too tall or wide and to make it curve correctly.

draw out blueprints… use a ruler and make sure each image (side, top, and front) measure out right… import the images into blender, and use them to model =) i hope that made sense… if not check out this tutorial, it might help

thanks, I’ll try that :wink:

do you think mirror/shrinkwrap modifier would work as well? lol