To much bounce on collision.

OK, i have it in many games i have tried to make where when my character runs into a wall or goes up a steep hill he bounces back. Its hard to explain so i very quickly wipped up a small .blend for you guys to see. hold ‘w’ for the block to slide into the wall and watch it bounce back. How can i change this?


walltest.blend (125 KB)

you should use “force” ( Y:10?) to move your cube ( and physics objects in general)!
And enable “bounds - box”.

Thats what i did for some of them, but then when i try to turn my character, he ends up drifting.
How do i change that?
Thanks though.

All you have to do is make bounds and not use DLoc or RLoc, use Force or LinV.There’s barely a bounce now :), here’s the .blend file. But if you diced to use DLoc and RLoc, increase the Damp and RDamp to full, and add bounds. Hope this helps!


walltest.blend (126 KB)

Ok, know when i run into walls it doesn’t bounce, but if i go straight for a while and then turn, his motion is still going in that direction and he will slide/drift. Also, the box gets going stright and you let go of ‘w’ then it takes a while for it to slow down. How can i have the same effects as when using a motion actuator, but without the bounce?

did you try the suggested solutions? :wink:

I am very familiar with blender, but i can’t seem to find Rdamp it… I am still a little confused. Sorry, could you explain where Rdamp is?:o:o

You can never have too much ‘bounce on collision’.

edit: to answer your question, “RotDamp” is under the logic panel. On the left side, you make your character “dynamic”, or something, and there will be a slider labeled “RotDamp”.

Here you may find your answers

I am not an expert, and may be wrong about it, but you have to sacrifice to either get a little bounce or a little after-motion using physics