To much rendering?

I guess this i good place to put this…

Can to much rendering with luxrender hurt your computer?

i have a quad core processor and 4 gigs of ram. when im rendering my computer temp goes up to 69 and stays there.

I asked the same thing a while back. I think the answer is yes, especially if you are rendering on a laptop. Dang mine gets hot.

yeah thats what i figured. mine is a desk top.


Some years ago I have experienced a computer overheating during renderings, although in my case the culprit was 3dstudio’s scanline renderer. But regardless of the program used, computers that are not properly ventilated can overheat. Luckily modern processors feature some overheating protection system, so that they will either slow down or force the system to shut down or reboot when temperatures are getting too hot.

Over the past three years, not even a single case of hardware damage to a processor has been reported on the LuxRender forum. If (as you say) your temperature stays stable and your system doesn’t reboot I would not worry too much. Still, it never hurts to check the maximum cpu temperature according to the manufacturer specifications.

thanks for the comment, i guess my processor has a limit of 68c. i think it will be alright as long as i dont render all the time.

Have you ever had your computer apart before for cleaning? Two reasons why I ask, 1st dust and stuff can get stuck in the heatsink/fan and prohibit cooling. 2nd reason is I tore mine apart for cleaning and removed the heatsink/fan to clean it with compressed air. After putting the machine back together, I noticed a fan would speed up when I rendered. I realized my cpu was hitting 99c while rendering. That’s when I learnt the importance of thermal compound applied to the heatsink/cpu. After cleaning the heatsink & cpu up, applying new thermal compound and re-assembling things, my cpu stays a nice 34c. After 8-10 hrs of rendering it might creep up to 37~38c. I’ve never seen it hit 40c.


Also the quality of the heatsink compound is important as well. If you ever have the option of buying Arctic Silver over another brand choose it. It actually has silver in the compound others do not.

thanks all, its about time a changed the heatsink compound, i built my own comp so i actually bought arctic silver for it but never used it because the heatsink already had some applied on it. ill dust everything and apply new compound and let you know what happens.

Just a tip, you might find the fan/heatsink to be glued to the cpu. My stock intel cooler was glued to my cpu when I cleaned my system. To clean off the old thermal compound from the fan & cpu, use alcohol wipes like found in first aid kits.


yeah i just got home with some 91% alcohol. i asked a friend of mine and he said that you can just use toilet paper or paper towels for wiping the old compound of.

It’s not just compound, make sure the fins on the heatsink and fan are free of dust buildup. Every other month I use a compressed air can to make sure that all vents and fans are clear of any dust that would disrupt air flow and fan motion.

yep i bought a can of that too. im going to take some stuff apart and clean them as best i can.

WOOT from 69c down to around 45c!!! (while rendering)

Quite a drop in temps. Did you use the Arctic Silver?? What’s the normal ‘idle’ temp of the cpu?


yeah i used arctic silver. idle speed is between 30 and 33c. i think it was around 38 or something before. i was pretty surprised at the big drop in temps.