To Scale? Is it possible to change the scale to feet and inches?

Is Blender useful for creating “to scale” projects - for example doing a scale model of a room. I know hitting the N key in Object mode presents a numerical value selection for sizing, position, etc. Any way to change this to represent feet or meters?

I appreciate the help.


Can you make “to scale” models - Yes
is it easy - not really
it is not really built around accuracy like a CAD program is but it is still pretty easy to get a “rough scale model”

but don’t worry there is some good news
you can use the grid to be whatever scale you want it to be

1 BU (Blender Unit) = 1 meter or 1 KM or one inch or Pi if you want

it’s up to you

But if you want to use feet and inches you can change the grid divisions to 12 instead of 10
(in the view properties menu)
however, if you use feet and inches you must remember that the numerical representation of things like, 2 feet and 6 inches = 2.5 (BU) (not 2.6)
because…well you know why

Thanks Waylow. I’ll change my grid.