To see the material in solid mode?

How can i view the material of an object in solid view ? i got one material but it looks grey in solid view ,while another material is visible ?

witch bottton do i have to press or what i have to do to view the material in solid draw type?
Here’s an image .

In solid view you can’t see the textures themselves, only the color of the material. So no matter what color is your texture, in solid view you will only see the base color.

Right now I can see your material color is grey (from the screen shot) so simply change the grey to something else in your Material panel, it won’t change anything when you render since the texture you applied is totally opaque and hides the base color, but it will change the color of the objects in your 3d view.

EDIT: Added pic to show you.


Actually you can see textures in the 3D viewport, but it’s conditional. If you uv-map your meshes then you can toggle the textures on and off with Alt + Z (Textured Draw Mode). The same applies to vertex colors. Sticky and other map input image textures can be viewed via Shift + Z (Shaded Draw Mode).

allright , thanx guys.

Peace ;D