To sell, or not to sell...

The topic: Is it okay to sell models made in Blender?

I think it’s fine, just because an artist uses free tools doesn’t mean he/she shouldn’t be able to make a profit from their hard work.

I think it’s perfectly fine for people to make money using any “free” software, but I believe if people are making a profit (in terms of blender) they should donate and support the developers.

While I like the idea of free software; afterall not everyone can afford £2000 for something they might use once in a bluemoon, just for fun or even just for personal use. I also understand the work that developers put in to make the product, the money /costs involved and so on, which is why If I were to make “free” software, I would do it on the understanding that for personal use = free, for commercial = pay.

The honest, supportive citizen would donate anyway but I know too many people are greedy, lazy and just selfish that they wouldnt even donate £5 if they made £2000 from the use of thise software, which is why i feel that free software should force people to pay if they are making money, but at a fair price aswell because we all know, if blender can do this stuff for free it doesn cost XYZ company that much to produce theres so £3000 is excessive…

I think you can because you can sell games you make, and make movies that you can sell. So I think you are fully allowed to sell your models.

It’s ok to sell them, but it’s not a good idea. If people know you made it in a free program, they will get the free program and try to make it themselves. They might fail, but the fact is that they’ll think that they could make it, because you did. That will be their mindset, either conscience or subconscience. If you sell a model made in a free program, it won’t sell. And, they might think that they couldn’t put it into they’re own programs, so it will seem useless to them.

You can sell it, but it won’t sell.

Yes. I agree with Lukus though, one should donate. I know I have several times, though I don’t make any money off blender.


You can sell it, but it won’t sell.

And there are all these people paying webdesigners because…

Aside from that glaring problem, people do make money off blender and other free software. I know there are some on this forum.

I dont think he was talking about anything like that, rather people opinions on the subject of “making money from blender; good or bad?”… You can save models in a variety of formats in blender afterall… No one would ever know.

Also why would someone be buying a model if they dont already have a modeler? So your theory on people trying to make it themselfs in blender is rather flawd. They might have only animation software or similar, but then they would have, if they were interested in modeling, search for a free /commerical one.

Correct.:slight_smile: If I do make any money, I think I would be willing to donate a percentage of my profits to the Blender Foundation.

It’s not like you have to, though. If you don’t donate, that’s perfectly fine, too.

It is your work and your effort. If Ton decides to donate his work and effort by making blender free that does not mean that you have to follow suit. Not any less that Richard Stallman prevents you from selling software that you develop using emacs or gcc. Free as in “free speech” means that the content that you generate is not incumbered by the tools that allowed you to generate it. It is entirelly up to you if you want to reciprocate by making you stuff free “as in free beer” or charge for it. This is the reason why people like Ton and RS should be aplauded, because they have the vision not to place constrains on content that you generate.


I have been making images for people from my business of cigam power, and even if they could make the images, they don’t usually have the time or experience. So it can be the same thing here, there are people who could make it themselves, yes…, but there are those that don’t know how, or even if they do know, don’t have the time. So I still say you can sell it. :wink:

Because you don’t actually sell the models in web-design, just the renders.

Money isn’t the only way users and devs can benefit/profit from open source code. Money isn’t the only way you can donate to the cause either.

My .02 :slight_smile:

It’s not about selling the image, it’s about selling the raw .blend. And they’d know if it was converted by seeing that the aterials are off. The best way to sell a blender model is by the .blend, and if people see it was made from some cheap free program, they will look elsewere.

And I don’t mean working for a company, I mean putting a model on Turbo Squid or an eqivilent website. To just wait and see if anyone will pay for it. And the answer is, they won’t. Sorry, but I don’t think anyone will pay. Especially $300 for a Stargate model. Besides, if it contains the Kawoosh, they’ll have to simulate it themselves.

The people who want the website don’t know how to make it. So they hire people who do to make it for them. That’s nothing like just putting a .blend on a website for pay.

It is absolutely okay to sell models made in Blender. And although it is a good idea to donate money and time to support its development in whatever way you can, there is no moral imperative to do so.

It’s free software, meaning you’re free to use it as you like. Period. In fact, according to the GPL, you’re even free to sell Blender itself, although to do so honestly you would have to add some kind of value (such as packaging it with a manual you wrote yourself, for example).

I have no idea what Tynach’s point is. Obviously, if people don’t want to pay for X, X won’t sell, but the time, effort and skill that go into making a model can have a value, regardless of the software it was made on.

The more Blender gets used in commercial productions, the better it will be for Blender, the Blender Foundation, and the Blender community in general, whether or not these uses are all accompanied by cash donations. And the more people can make money using Blender, the more widely Blender will be adopted.

So by all means, if you can drum up a market for your Blender models, go for it.

Perhaps Alltaken will tell us whether his model has sold or not: I just found this. It’s about $100, so it might give me a good idea. (And I said before that I would consider lowering my price, just not below $50.) Cool your jets a little, Tynach.

Errr I’m not sure why this is a question really. Why wouldnt it be ok to sell models made in Blender?


It’s just that I’ve seen multiple times on this forum when someone mentions selling a model, someone else screams and complains about it because it isn’t in the spirit of Open Source and whatnot. I just figured I would see peoples’ opinions on the matter with this thread.

it isn’t in the spirit of Open Source and whatnot.

This is complete hooey. People who say this don’t understand free software.