To sphere

Hi :wink:

i want to make a rim but i have one problem :frowning: when im pressing ‘‘To sphere’’ button it make an elipse not circle :spin: how can i solve that problem? :eyebrowlift2:


The 3D cursor might not be centered in the Z axis.

Nop :frowning: it is centered :eyebrowlift:

The 3d cursor might be on the z axis, but above or below the xy plane the mesh is on. Try selecting the ring of verts you want to make into a circle, then moving the cursor to selection (Shift+S). That will ensure the cursor is on the same plane. Then do To Sphere. If the shape is distorted off the plane, you may need to scale along the z axis to zero as well, to flatten it out.

:no: still nothing :frowning:

Can you post the .blend?

Sure :yes:


Vienna.blend (139 KB)

Your normals may be messed up. This often happens to non-manifold meshes after extrude/scale operations in edit mode. In object mode do a Ctrl-A >> Apply Object Scale and Rotation to Object Data to fix the normals, then try your To Sphere operation.

Damn you are good :RocknRoll: :yes: Thank you very much :rolleyes: