to split different pieces of a mesh in different objects

Just updated:

Did anybody test it ?

How is this better then seperate loose parts?

  • Cam

What is “separate loose parts” ?

you have not connected geometry into a single mesh.(i.e the eyes in suzzanne)
yoo select one vertex and use PKEY (separate) then you can choose to separate all the loose parts.

i suppose is something related to the LKEY used in edit mode.
you choose a vertex and if you press LKEY all the connected vertex get selected.

:-? i know what you’re thinking :-?

The script does the same thing in object mode too .

Generaly- Ill join all meshes tojether then seperate loose parts, or just do it on each Mesh indervigually - which isnt as sub optimal.

Even though joining first isnt that good- for smaller meshes its not that noticable speed wise.

Also being in C- Its probably still faster then Python.

Almost usefull after the radiosity tool (written in the text) . Who does know that a loose part tool exists ?

I think a few people know its there, Existed since 2.27 or 2.28-
Well I know of 3 people, Me, Theeth and the Fellow who just posted.

  • You see it whenever you Hit P, so its not that hard to find.

Though its generally usefull to manually seperate the largest mesh first, if theres one that much bigger then the rest.

  • Cam

I never used this option of the separate tool and I did a few models .
The script itself exists since blender 1.8 .

I found a new usage for this script : it can reorganize all the faces of a complex mesh for the built effect .
just replace 1 by 0 at the line 33 .

It works also with the current blender cvs .

Nice update!!

Is posible to select the build direction (X,Y or Z)?

I wrote a new script :
You can select a face now and the effect is built around this first face .

Even better!!
Thanks jms :wink: