To the blender coders - thank you.

Who thinks we need to say thank you to all the blender coders who have helped make blender what it is?

Thank you * 1,000,000:




haha that’s a good one :smiley:

Heh. Nice one.

Here’s another (a bit old) one:


here’s another

Ha ha, that one’s my favorite…

Hehehe, that’s nice … if my calculations are correct, and my watch works fine, it takes about 8 seconds for approximatively 100 "thank you"s. So… 8s:100 = x:1.000.000 which is x= 8.000.000/100 = 80.000s

80.000s are 1333.3 periodic minutes, which are 22.2 periodic hours. Considering mistakes in taking time, it’s safe to say it’s around the 20h for sure. That’s almost a whole day spent saying “thank you”.

Aaagh… My head hurts…

EDIT: Anyone know where I can learn to use flash? I’m thinking about using it in combination with Blender. PM me, I don’t want to hijack this thread)

HA HA HA very funny!

I’d rather do an Indigo render in that time :wink: