To the compositor from the sequencer?

How to output an image from the sequencer to the compositor for further processing and saving the animation?

I have a set of samples from several clips. I need to access them through the Compositor.

Blender normally goes from render to compositor to sequencer. You can either save a sequence of stills and feed them into the compositor, or create a new scene, and select the first scene as the render layer for the second.

In compositor is null.

Ah, somewhere my reply got garbled, (along with my understanding) :slight_smile:
What I was trying to say, is to do the compositing in a new scene with the sequences you already have, and then add the new scene strip back into the existing scene/sequence.

I made a copy of the scene with the sequencer. Added a new scene strip. How can I access the sequencer if it does not output anything from the sequencer to the compositing?

Load them into the compositor from the hard drive, not from the sequencer.