To the editors of Electronic Gaming Monthly: SCREW YOU.

I think I’m going to send this into Electronic Gaming Monthly. No… I’m going to. I don’t think I will, I know I will.

To The Editors Of Electronic Gaming Monthly: SCREW YOU.

Well, well, well, new rejection. As if that wasn’t anything a 13-year-old computer nerd with too much free time on his hands isn’t used to, but this one could very well be in there with girls rejecting me (I don’t known that, really, since I hate social interaction that involves moving your jaw and making noise with your mouth for more than one sentence, but… okay). But really…
First, a stupid intro: I’m a 13-year-old computer geek with too much free time on his hands, and too little brains to do anything about it (apparently). I recently sent in a picture of mine for a contest, but to my utter amazement/shock, you didn’t print it.
I love EGM, and I will continue buying even if you printed this letter and killed me because I don’t bring up any good points (unless you do too much of a good job). But I was angry when today, May 31, 2003, I bought an EGM, soon getting excited about the “new console designs,” hoping mine would be included, to no avail.
I haven’t read the article, but I looked at the pictures, and quite frankly, most are crap. There are 2-dimensional things people did in Photoshop. Insert “zzzzzzz” for 17,576 pages here (if you guys could afford that-which I doubt). So you include a rather filthy, porn-ish “PeniS3,” but don’t bother to include a high-resolution, 3-dimensional picture of the PlayStation pi? (It said, “PlayStation 3.14159265358979.” And before anyone gets weirded out at how I’ve memorized 15 digits, I’ll tell you, I’m too lazy to do anymore.)
I mean, seriously, what was wrong with my picture? The fact that the screen name in the pic and the screen name that sent you it didn’t match? Simple: Whichever of my two e-mail addresses gave it to you, neither are named “CubeFan973” because I like anonymity, and I didn’t make the screen names in time for using that cool name. Ask the guys on, and they should tell you that it’s one of them.
Was it the shameless promotion of freeware? Here’s a hint: BLENDER IS NOT THE “WAREZ” THAT PIRATES DISTRIBUTE. Blender is a FREE 3D suite, and it deserves publicity. In a world where stupid people think “Maya,” “3D STUDIO MAX,” and “Lightwave” is “the bomb,” and the most ballsy they can ever get is releasing a stripped-down demo, Blender has REAL ones that allow their godfathers at NaN (Not a Number) to release it free, and hope that their open-source approach and such will make people donate at least $50 to them to continue. After all, what’s $50 when the other 3D suite that’s free is crap, and the next cheapest is something like $200? It’s not unfair; you guys buy consoles more expensive than 50 bucks.
Was it the small writing on the PS3.14159265358979? Or the small brown blobs with little black-and-white dots on it? First, I didn’t want to take all day doing some picture rendering just you can read text; if that was it, I’d do it in ASCII, which would look way too crappy (though it might be fun). And the brown-blobs-with-smaller-black-and-white-blobs are MONKEY HEADS. The picture is again small, but the Mesh Monkey-Head is Blender’s trademark, and I couldn’t resist putting it in even as a small thing.
Was it the 4-disc-at-a-time idea? News flash: If you want to play “Final Fantasy VIII,” you shouldn’t need to have the box ready for a disc change; you should do it all at once.
Was it the weird controller with lots of color and bizarre shape? Here’s a hint: STYLE. Why not add some style to the plain, one-color controllers we have these days?
Sure, you guys probably have some disclaimer in mind of “just because you do send it in doesn’t mean we will use it,” but really, you guys used crappier pictures.
I wouldn’t be so angry if you didn’t include a bunch of crap instead. Take a look at what you put in: A halo-esque version of the… uh, I didn’t notice what it was. (I’m guessing it was XBOX… “Halo,” XBOX, right?) A PS2-lookalike for your PS3? (Ooh, a bunch of cells with “PS2” written all over them… yawn, I’ll take a nap.) And a GamePyramid? Even for crap with low-poly CD-ROMS, that was crappier than anything the Blender community could do. Even your “movie-game” article had crappy graphics; Oscar doesn’t wear any sunglasses (or anything, for that matter, minus a sword, maybe), and there’s not ONE single button on his controller. I thought those were necessary enough to include, even as tiny as they were; yet you have a huge picture of Oscar playing a game that isn’t even THAT detailed? This from a magazine that PROMOTES games… I would have never thought you’d be THAT dumb.
I’m not going to say anything like “it was too good for Microsoft/Nintendo, so they bribed you” or “you hate good artists.” All I want is an explanation. (For those who think I’m an asshole with no real claims, go here.)

Yours Insincerely,
CubeFan973 (who rules all over EGM’s pictures any day)

PS: I dare you to argue with THIS guy’s commentary on video games: Right Here.

Edit: Fixed spelling mistakes .

wow!! a whole page of absolute bullshit!! congrats! youre improving!! :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! Insulting, but that’s funny as heck.

What a waste of keystrokes…

Your letter is arrogant and childish. Fix the part where you say, “My picture was the best one to print” and you might be better off. You also might want to get rid of the rant about the 3D graphics community and the part where you ask what about your picture made it unworthy of inclusion. And the part where you insult the other readers, their finances, and their lack of intelligence.


I wasted some of my time to read this and game into a one conclusion: Moderators should close or remove this whole thread entirely.

Every other critic has been said.

So close the thread.

Cubey - the magazine contest was about future console designs, not who was the best artist…

If you were judging such a contest who would you pick:

  1. A good and functional design sketched on a paper napkin?

  2. Or (for example) a high resolution fully textured raytraced globally illuminated render of a console which has poor design?

I don’t know about you, but I would go for 1. After all the contest was about design, not about illustration techniques…

In any case Cubey, there were probably a heck of a lot of entries, so don’t take it personally that yours wasn’t featured…





My rubix cube is far more entertaining than the movie cube… Sorry I can’t get it out of my head that someone actually LIKES that movie.

Good to see you two have finally met.


Well as long as I don’t have to see that movie again I’ll be happy… :smiley:

Yeah, Cube sucked, but you gotta admit that the graphics were definately nicely done. The part where the guy’s face is eaten away, and the wires slicing people to bits :o but anyway, Cubefan, you gotta grow up. Just cuz you didn’t get picked doesn’t mean that there’s a conspiracy involved. This is the kind of mentality that leads to an increase in the number of lawsuits for stupid discrimination. “Your Honor, I was discriminated against because they didn’t like my idea. I feel I am due compensation for feelings of inadequecy and emotional distress resulting from the rejection of my submission…” Y’see? It just propagates the idea that everyone else is responsible for how you feel due to the rejection. That’s poor sportsmanship. Sorry, bro, I could understand if maybe you reworded the letter to ask them WHY they didn’t consider your submission, but no reason to fly off the handle. Ok, sorry for the long post…I’m done now. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I’m even typing this but…I am. I think the fact that CubeFan is only 13 works against him. He’s hitting the age where little boys start to get really arrogant. I know I did. Then I got a kick in the ass (figuratively) and snapped out of it. Sorry for being so nasty to you CubeFan, but you’re such a typical annoying kid sometimes that its hard to resist. You see, I had a 13-year-old brother once…the police haven’t found him yet… Wait…I mean…then he grew up.

Take a look here. I’ll tackle some of those awful bits.

#3: Where the hell is the CD-ROM? And what’s with the spider-legs? Is it alive or something? We don’t want a living machine, we want a console.

#4: Wussy-wussy-gumdrops. The hardware neccesary for the PS3’s supposed power would more than likely need 10 or so years to get small enough to fit a CD-ROM entirely like that.

#6: Wow, a bunch of circly thingies. However, no matter where the heck I look, I still can’t figure out which console it is. Probably a YBOX, because it’s so “Halo.” Yawn. Not much of a DVD-ROM for the mini-CD on “Metropolis,” eh?

#7: I accidentally cut it off, but I have to admit, they selected ONE good picture. Even so, it’s not really keeping with the whole theme of “sequels-to-the-console.” It’s like a whole new thing. While I admit that’s pretty good, now I notice something and have to ask you: Where are the other 2 memory card slots?

#8: Boring. Looks exactly like the original XBOX, except there’s no CD-ROM drive. It would have looked nicer if you gave it a little something, like talent.

#9: A GameSphere? Michael Crichton should sue. And besides, why the heck would it need to be a sphere? It would be quite a bit of money for mass production to shape it like a ball.

#10: Oh, I’m sure that the new XBOX is going to be as tall as a guy in a Godzilla suit. Not going to do much for sales, though, will it? Not to mention mass production. And, by the way, shouldn’t Bill Gates’ head be on there, since he’s probably so egotistical to do that?

The others were cropped off. Sorry about that. But trust me, they all suck.

You ARE a complete idiot. THOSE PEOPLE MADE ACTUAL MODELS YOU BONE HEAD. A REAL MODEL of something will beat out CG any day! And your pity and pathetic little complaints about their designs are completely absurd and childish. Why wouldn’t it be a sphere??? WHy wouldn’t it have legs? Get over it… your entry wasn’t as good. Oh well.

I don’t think this forum is a Democracy Hippie

I think you getting the attention you wanted CubeFan :slight_smile:

Its not a democracy but I don’t think it says anywhere that users aren’t allowed to say they think a thread should be closed :wink:

Actually, mods only close it when it gets off-topic and nobody seems to talk about the original topic, or if it’s inappropriate or something. It never has to be closed because the posters are all idiots.

And by the way, Desoto-111… did you like “Final Fantasy?” Did you think it looked realistic? Then shut it.

If not… it wouldn’t be a sphere because they’d need to spend money on fixing their mass-production machines to make spheres smooth, and it doesn’t need legs because it doesn’t need to walk. Simple as that.

The only idiot posting was you.

First of all…I don’t see your point. Secondly, no it didn’t look “realistic” in the sense of photorealism. However it made great leaps and bounds in terms of what a production company can do in CG. The movie was well done, and it was entertaining. It looked computer generated, but it was more “realistic” than, lets say, “Toy Story”. Its an issue of style…not capability.

Fixing their mass-production machines to make spheres smooth? What the hell are you talking about? Doesn’t need legs because it doesn’t need to walk? Your chair has legs. Tables have legs. Bridges have “legs”. I feel like I’m arguing with myself when I was 8…