To the Members of the BGMC.

Hey there!
Ummm… Okay, Some of you are signed up, but most of you are not. Can you please get signed up? And to those of you who are signed up. Kindly respond to some of the posts. I am not good at one sided conversations. So, at least sign up and check in once and post! I want to build games. You want to build games, that’s good. You are not on our forum helping build games, than’s not so good. If you have very limited time, TELL ME at least, so I don’t think the cyber-monsters ate you or something.
Link is in the signature.

Bump Bump.

I bump again.

Im confused, i think i missed something. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Is BGMC another blender forum, or one meant for a specific game?
Because if it’s another forum for general blender game making, then it’s no wonder they aren’t posting on it… they got for that.
If it’s a forum for something else let me know, for i may be interested.

@coonerboy: It is a forum for making games in general. I started the idea in august, we took on a project for some one else who pulled out. I am trying to get my members to post on the BGMC forum. See, I want to start a new game, but need their cooperation. No go :frowning: . If you want to join PLEASE do more than drop in on the forum and never post! I wanted a secure site. But not at the expense of every one not doing anything.

OK that makes sense. For me the only program i use to make games on is blender, and blender artists is the perfect forum for that. How about this. Once i finish a game, i will post it on your forum.

I don’t think gyis is explaining it very clearly. The BGMC (Blender game making club) is a team that he started awhile ago. Our team was helping with another project, and now gyis is trying to get our team over to the new forum.

Oh so it is only for blender games! In that case i’m going to stick to blenderartists.

Cant you (shouldnt you) get banned for Bumping (twice, too) and advertising another site that has the same intention as this one?
I dont think you should complain about nobody going on your site, why would they?
Blenderartists is built better and more people already use it, and it has what you have (and much more) on it already.

@Renox777: I didn’t know I could get banned for bumping twice. Thanks for letting me know, I won’t do it anymore :wink: . And no, I am not advertising my site, I am only trying to get my members to sign up on it. My site is not a forum for discussing blender, like BA is. My forum is for making games with Blender. I have a few people working with me to turn out really good games, using the combined talent of a few really well skilled people. I got tired of seeing dead blender game projects all over and realized that one person rarely has the time or the talent to cover every aspect of a really great game. And that is what my team is trying to make: Really Great Games!

@mcguinnessdr: Hey! you got my avatar name right, alot of people accidently put a ‘t’ in there. And no, I didn’t explain it very well, Fast typing on a smartphone while working tends to make things a little rushed :slight_smile: ! Thank you for filling in for me.