I have a Blender site that i want people to come to. The thing is that it is in Swedish langue. I have made a Beginner tutorial and have a forum and chat. So i wonder if you want to tell Swedish Blender user to come to my site? For some people it’s hard to explane in English what’s problem they got(sometimes even for me) AND IM THE ONLY MAN IN THE WORLD THAT HAVE A SWEDISH SITE ABOUT BLENDER!!! And of course, the only forum and chat. So what do you say? I do NOT just want free comercial, i just want swedish people to learn the easy way. Becuese i was forced to learn the HARD way… deks

The Chat forum would have been a much better place to announce your new web site. This is the Question and Answers forum…

Also, what is the URL of your site. You have lots of Swedish friends here.

well for now but i will get a domain name soon.

OH NO! Someone else was the first to launch the first Swedish blender-site! Damnation upon my laziness! :stuck_out_tongue: No, bu honestly, it sounds interesting. I´ll visit it.