To War

A small picture I made a while ago.
C&C please.

The old photo/film look looks really well done, the mean appear to well modeled too if they’re supposed to look a little cartoony.

A little more C&C would be nice, though. :rolleyes:

haha,funny picture,i donno why.I think the soldiers arent realistic enought,try modifying them.other than that its good.

They were ment to be kinda cartoonish. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh in that case its good

I like it - they look like little tin soldiers. I think the arm sticking in the right side of the image is slightly distracting, though.

i really like it. usually effects like “old camera” and stuff is not very interesting, but in this case it goes well with the cartoonish style. together with the “easter islands”-style face-modeling it becomes a bit beckett-like. in fact it is very cool. like a parody on war-glorification. the cartoon style, the camera-effect, the sky that doesn’t fit to the soldier’s style, the easter-island-faces…- i love it! Brilliant!!
but i agree with paul_j about the arm.

The arm…
Theres more than that arm there. Theres another soldier.
That helps to make the impression that there are more soldiers, doesn’t it?

Nice job, overall. Funny design and good lighting!

The fact that a part of soldier shows on the right frame border gives indeed the feeling that there are more and more, not just four.

But the pointing arm may be a little distractive. Maybe the one who should be pointing a finger should be the second one from the right and not the firt.

Be well