To whom should I complain?

It has been a while that the Builderbot hasn’t made any Blender for Linux 32-bit glibc 2.7…

Is there a place where I can file a complaint? I stopped downloading the very last versions because the builds for glibc 2.11 didn’t detect my GPU (GTX 560, not some super-old barely supported GPU). The very last build (r53842) detects my GPU but it rushes through any rendering in around 1 second and produces only full black pictures while my older build (r53050) works just fine.

Whose arm should I twist to get my Blender for Linux 32-bit glibc 2.7? :wink:


Just for the note – i’ve just sent linux glibc-2.7 buildbot to retirement.>From now on glibc-2.11 is the requirement for official blender builds.

The reason of such bump is that environment used for glibc-2.7 builds wasofficially unsupported debian lenny and compiling some of blenderdependencies became real headache there.

New environment is also using very recent gcc, which shall make slightlybetter optimizations, resulting in few percent render time boost :slight_smile:

With best regards, Sergey Sharybin

I have glibc 2.14 but the problem isn’t on my end any way. There is a bug dancing around the holy trinity: Cycles, GPU, and Cuda. I was sticking with the glibc 2.7 build only because I thought that the 2.11 meant 2.1.1. The reality and the bug hit me with a delay…